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Evgen Malinovskiy

Evgen Malinovskiy, who has been living in Poland since 1992, was born in Bielovo, in Siberia.

Strongly influenced by music traditions cultivated in his family, graduated from Kiemierovo National College of Arts & Culture, completing his education as an orchestra conductor.

An actor, musician, concert siger and theatrical singer. He took part in numerous music projects in Russia as well as in Poland, as a bass-guitar player he was a co-originator of a Hippocampus rock band (1994-2000), between 1997 to 2001 he supported many projects of „Zdobywcy Pewnych Oskarów” band, in 2002/2003 joined „Sapo” – a project of Krzysztof Walecki, and worked together with a Canadian guitar player and blues-singer of Polish origin – Lester Kidson.

Acting in numerous known Polish film productions contributes to Evgen’s accomplishments, his took part in such titles as „Ekstradycja” , „Miasto prywatne”, „Na koniec świata”, „Boża podszewka”, „Na dobre i na złe”, „Szczur”, „Qvo Vadis”, „Plebania”, „Lokatorzy”, „Fala zbrodni”, „Pensjonat pod różą”, Kryminalni”, „Bulionerzy”
His soul project, that is being carried out since September 2004, “Syberian Bard Welcomes”, focuses on works of Vladimir Vysockiy, Alexander Rozenbaum and Bulat Okudjawa.

Evgen sings in Russian, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. His comments and stories told prior to songs constitute integral part of his concerts.

His repertoire includes wide range of humorous, satirical, lyrical, sentimental and nostalgic songs as well as works of deep dramatic and emotional load, or even songs distinct for their street-folk notion.

During concerts you would notice how wonderful atmosphere and very close relationship between Evgen and his public is built up due to artist’s charismatic character and brilliant sense of humour.
Evgen’s theatrical début – on the 25th of January 2007, in Polonia Theatre of Cristina Janda in Wasaw, there will be premiere of “Rajskie Jabłka” (“Paradise Apples”) by Raszyd Tuguszev, with Evgen Malinowskiy playing Vladimir Vysockiy.

PROLOGUE is the first soul album by Evgen Malinovskiy, created as a part of a project “Syberian Bard Welcomes”, carried out since 2004. The album includes works of Vladimir Vysockiy, Bulat Okudjawa and Alexander Rozenbaum – three well known Russian bards.
The album opens with touching folk song “To mom”, translated by the artist, followed by 19 titles, all interpreted by Evgen Malinovskiy (guitar and vocals).

PROLOGUE is an opening for an upcoming series of four other albums, dedicated to Vysockiy, Okudjawa and Rozenbaum. The fifth work of Evgen is planned to come up as a surprise, maybe even for the artist himself…
The following album was recorded in Spring this year due to the hospitality of audio-recording studio in Białoprądnicki Palace in Krakow. Album’s media patron is Russian Section of Polish Radio.

Eva Goc, Manager
+48 728 894 044